Personal Recomendations: places to eat/ drink coffee in Paris

This is my own personal list – it is organised by area (ex: Le Marais, Quartier Latin) and by district (arrondissement)

 Café/ Restaurants – places to eat and also enjoy a café in RED

 Cafés – to sit at a terrace and have coffee BUE

Restaurants – sit down evening meal in GREEN (these are slightly more upscale)

 Bars – places to have a drink at a terrasse or go out to meet other Parisians are in ORANGE


Near the Panthéon (walking distance)

Café de la nouvelle Mairie tasty food – busy bustling parisian café – 19 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques

Le Petit Café: tasty food – nice quiet terrasse – friendly staff – 6 rue Descartes

La Crêperie: tasty – affordable crêpes – rue soufflot / rue St Jacques

Café l’Escritoire – place de la Sorbonne

Café le Rostand – facing the Jardin du Luxembourg

La Montagne: nice place to sit for beer or coffee behind rue Mouffetard – quiet road

The Marais:

Le Temps des Cerises authentic décor – family held restaurant (off blvrd Henri IV – closest metro Sully Morland) 31 rue de la Cerisaie

Chez Camille : in the heart of the marais – typical parisian brasserie – always busy – 24 rue des Francs Bourgeois

Le Fumoir (closer to the Louvre) refined, stylish, expensive

Café Zimmer (place du Chatelet) – brasserie

Café Sarah Bernardt (place du Chatelet) – brasserie

Near Bastille:


Le Tabarin: Parisian Bistrot – tasty French food – friendly staff (3, rue du Pasteur Wagner – off boulevard Beaumarchais)
Café de l’Industrie – French café – rustic french decors – vibrant atmosphere

Bottom of Rue Mouffetard/Gobelins (5th & 13th)

Cave La Bourgogne French Brasserie – good food – friendly staff

Chez Léa cosy – relaxed atmosphere – good food and coffee – 5 rue Claude Bernard

14th and 15th:

Le Verre Siffleur rue d’Alésia : great food, vibrant atmosphere

Le Commerce – elegant luxurious classical décors (rue du commerce 15e)

La Coupole – famous French brasserie where a lot of the artists from the 30’s used to go to

L’Entrepôt – cinema and café – concerts (7 Rue Francis de Pressens, Pernety)

In the 19th – in the quartier of Jourdain/Buttes Chaumont:

L’Escargot Bar – French cuisine – local atmosphere – friendly staff – 50 rue de la Villette 19ème – close to Jourdain

Chez Eva Pritsky – café brocante

In the 13th Arrondissement

 Le temps des Cerises – Buttes aux cailles – cooperative – French food

Chez Gladines – Buttes aux cailles – rue des Cinq Diamants – cheap; big portions, French food

Squares with local affordable restaurants

Place St Catherine

Rue St Marthe (11th)

Other than French Food

 Italian: Pasta y Fagioli


Thai Vietnamese:

Mondol Kiri

Thai Royal

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