About Songwalk

Songwalk was born from the idea of mixing history, art and music together, walking  and singing our way through the streets of Paris. Created by locals, we propose tours to curious all travellers, hungry to embark onto exciting adventures and explore the authentic Paris musically.

We will take you on walks around parts of Paris only known by locals, discovering where iconic writers, painters, musicians lived and worked while hearing and learning iconic french songs from the early to the late 20th century.

About Our Guides



Raised in Paris by a French father and an English mother, Tobias grew up surrounded by Parisian culture, going to school in the Marais and then going on to study near Montparnasse on the Left Bank. Growing up in the city of lights opened up a world of cultural knowledge and possibilities, joining theatre groups, drinking cafés in St Germain and sitting in the Luxembourg gardens in summer with  friends after school.

Feeling an unquenchable thirst to discover the world, Tobias had travelled and lived in many countries, busking his way across Australia, studying Drama and Film in the United Kingdom, teaching English in Mexico and studying Jazz singing at the Conservatory of Toulouse.

I am sure you have heard of the idiom “home is where the heart”. Tobias could not resist the call of his childhood city. He was soon thrown back into the whirlpool of Parisian culture this time discovering the city through a new lens, working as a tour guide. Now he loves nothing more than wandering the streets of Paris collecting and telling stories and anecdotes about the life of artists of the 20th century while learning and singing French ballads.

My favourite thing to do in Paris: “On a sunny day, I will stroll around the river Seine of Paris or the Canal St Martin, maybe wander through the covered passages of Paris or walk around the Marais where you might stumble upon a beautiful hidden courtyard, untouched and unknown to most visitors. Night time is a time to go to bars and Jazz clubs Montmartre, Marais and the Latin Quarter, rub shoulders with other musicians and poets sit and talk about love, art and philosophy”